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The present members of the Mousketeers number as follows:

  • Loralai – Human Fighter and all around suspicious magic user
  • Harlow – Half Elven Druid
  • Lana – Half Elven Ranger
  • Kida – Half Elven Rogue (departed the party)
  • Kang – Half Orc Barbarian

Currently the Party are also joined by the crew of Sly’s ship.

Previously they travelled with a sorcerer named Sly and a man with the most unusual weapons, as well as Vitira Blackfall and Sabetha Arec on the Sirens Bane.

They have been recently to:

Sarah has been kind enough to prepare for us a dropbox folder full of useful things. Spellcasters in particular (So Harlow, and to a lesser extent Lana) should have a look and get familiar with your spells:

Main Page

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