Maesa Sari

The island of Maesa Sari is a small island perhaps two days travel from Haven by speedy airship. It is a small island, perhaps a kilometer across at most.


Maesa Sari has a number of notable landmarks; primarily a large beach, a sandbank with a small ruined area, a cliffside lighthouse, a small cluster of mountainous hills, a few other ruins, a shipwreck, a coral reef and a truly horrifying collection of goblins.

The party was dropped here after their mission on the Skykiller, with everyone being quite appreciative of the break it offered. Until the goblins attacked. But see the adventure log for that.

The party waited here to be picked up by Sly and her crew, and while they did they began their own personal little war against the goblins of the island. They also picked a fight with the dragon that slumbered around the sleeping avatar of the island. That was a thing.

As an entity the island is a little unnerving, but seems genuinely thankful for their help. It takes the form of a young woman, sort of like this:


Maesa Sari

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